Frequently Asked Questions

There are many partial truths and crazy notions that fill the veil of hypnosis!  This page is dedicated to clear some of the most frequent misconceptions relating to hypnosis. If their are any other questions you may have, feel free to contact me or stop by!


Short Answer: YES

Hypnosis has not only been proven again and again by the measurable results of the participants over the past two centuries, but modern science has also proven beyond the shadow of a doubt the legitimacy of hypnosis.  Although there are thousands of published scientific studies on hypnosis, I think the following graphics are worth a thousand complicated, boring studies….

Ok, ok, so hypnosis is undisputably real, but does it really work to solve the problems i’m having?




Although entire books have been written on what hypnosis is or is not, I will try to give  a condensed version here. For our purposes there are three parts to your brain. I will call them the “Conscious”, the “Un-Conscious”, and the “Sub-Conscious”.

  The Conscious mind is the one we are all familiar with. It sorts through the information brought in by the five senses, decides what is relevant and acts on that.
 The Un-Conscious mind is the part of the brain that handles things that we would call automatic- things such as breathing, blinking your eyes, sweating, balance, digestion, etc…
 The part of the brain that I work with, the part that you and I will change in a positive manner, I will refer to as the Sub-Conscious.
 The easiest way to think of the Sub-Conscious is to think of your brain as a computer system. If you will, imagine a computer screen. Then imagine clicking on an icon to open your favorite solitaire card game. If you think back to the computer desk top, the icon you clicked, and the card game as your Conscious mind, then you’re off to a good start.
 But let me ask you this… What happens when you click on the icon for the card game? “Well”, you might say, “the card game came up on my screen and I played the game.”
 But how did the card game appear? How did the computer know what to do when you clicked on the icon?
Simply put… the programming! Now you don’t need to know how to program a computer to use your favorite things on your computer, you just want them to work!  And If you think of your brain like a computer, your Sub-Conscious is your programming!
 Maybe you get nostalgic for something when you see a certain picture or painting… that’s your programming at work!
 Maybe you reach for potato chips when you’re bored, or chocolate and sweets when you’re stressed… Are there better ways to overcome boredom and stress than eating unhealthy food? Most assuredly!!!!
Then why do you continue to do it? Because of your programming!
Back to the question of what hypnosis is: It is a way to bypass the Conscious mind with all of its objections and get straight to the “program” that is running your day to day life… your Sub-Conscious!
 While this is just a wisp of an explanation of how hypnosis works, feel free to call me now, Bryant R. McCall, the “Mind Mechanic” and ask me any questions you may have, or even better call now and find out when you can attend one of my free “WHAT IS HYPNOSIS” seminars!!!  Just be warned, they fill up fast as seating is limited.





Allow me to explain about the fact that you have been hypnotized before. While it may be true that you have never been to see an expert like myself before or been involved in a “formal” hypnosis session, you have been hypnotized!!

  • Have you ever been driving along when you suddenly realize that you’re almost at your destination and don’t have any memory of the last several miles?
  •  Have you ever been so engrossed in a good book that you didn’t even realize when somebody was speaking to you?
  • Have you ever gotten totally lost in a day dream?
  • Have you ever cried at a movie? Ever nearly jumped out of your skin during that really scary movie?

I am willing to bet the answer to some or even all of the above examples is “yes”. And do you know what all of the above examples have in common? They are ALL examples of when you have been in at least a mild hypnotic trance!

The truth is that most people do indeed go into a natural state of hypnosis at least several times a day, and as you can see by the above examples of hypnosis that you yourself have already experienced, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of!


Short Answer: NOT TRUE

There really is not any “special” feeling that comes with being hypnotized. You will hear and remember everything I say to you while you are hypnotized. After all, wouldn’t it be a waste of your time and money if you forgot why you’re coming to me for help? In fact, you will be even more aware and more sharply focused on the things we talk about while you are hypnotized.




Short Answer: NO! 

You are in full control. You will not do anything that is against your morals or ethics while in trance. You are in control at all times during Hypnosis. You are not only able but encouraged to communicate while hypnotized. Communication with you is an essential part of Hypnotherapy. But you will never reveal any secrets, unless you wish to!

 The following true story is the perfect example:

 One of greatest stage Hypnotists of the last century was doing a show one evening. A young lady had volunteered to participate and was truly a great subject, slipping easily and deeply into hypnosis. When asked to strut around like a chicken, she happily did so. When asked to have a conversation with the chair she had been sitting in, she went into great detail and had a very serious and deep conversation with her wonderful new friend, the plastic chair. And so the evening went.

 At the end of the show, the Hypnotist wanted everybody who was participating to have one last bit of fun, and decided to have everyone believe they were at a Hawaiian luau. He told them all to do their best hula dance, and everyone did so with gusto. Everybody but the young lady, that is.

 Try as he might, the Hypnotist could not convince the young lady to join in the dancing. His curiosity peaked, when the show was over, the Hypnotist asked the young lady what had happened, why did she suddenly refuse to participate in the dancing at the end???

Her reply was simple but heartfelt: “Oh no, I could never dance. That’s immoral!!!”

You see, she held deeply religious beliefs about dancing being immoral, and regardless of how deeply hypnotized she was, her morals and ethics would not be violated.